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Eye Injuries

Girl with striped shirtIt is estimated that at least ninety percent of all eye injuries to children could be eliminated or reduced in severity if we recognize potential dangers, correct situations that might be hazardous to a child and pay close attention when supervising children.

Most eye injuries result from:

  • Toys used in an inappropriate manner or toys that have been altered
  • Falling from household objects such as beds, stairs, tables or toys
  • Misuse of everyday objects such as kitchen utensils, home maintenance and repair items and yard care items
  • Accidental exposure to harmful household-cleaning products
  • Automobile accidents
  • Sports such as baseball, basketball and racquet sports

Recognizing Eye Injuries

Eye injuries that involve the following should be treated as a medical emergency and require immediate attention at a hospital or by an eye care professional.

  • Blurred vision that does not clear with blinking
  • Sharp stabbing or deep throbbing pain
  • Double vision
  • Cut or torn eyelid
  • Cut, scratched or punctured eye
  • One eye that does not move as completely as the other
  • One eye that protrudes as compared to the other
  • Abnormal pupil size or shape, as compared to the other
  • Blood in the eye

Last Reviewed: 11/02/2016