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Visual Development 

There are some vision development milestones that can be used as guidelines. If your child cannot perform at least two of the age-level-specific tasks below, get his or her eyes examined by an eye care professional.

Child's Age

Expected Behavior

5 to 6 Months

  • Eyes move together all the time
  • Becomes skillful with hand-eye coordination and is able to reach and grasp at objects freely or brings objects to mouth
  • Smiles at or pats mirror image

6 to 8 Months

  • Picks up and touches small objects with “raking” motion
  • Searches for hidden objects
  • Shows color preference for reds and yellows
  • Looks for dropped toys

10 to 12 Months


  • Understands and accomplishes vision-related motor tasks such as stacking blocks, putting pegs into round holes, crawling, standing, walking

1 to 2 Years

  • Identifies geometric forms by placing blocks in appropriately shaped holes
  • Shows interest in pictures
  • Scribbles on paper


2 to 3 Years

  • Finds object that moves out of sight without following its path
  • Recalls visual images
  • Puts together six-piece puzzles or is able to match six pairs of items

3 to 4 Years


  • Copies geometric figures
  • Reading readiness present – responds to vision/speech-sound coordination activities

4 to 5 Years

  • Recognizes names or colors

Last Reviewed: 11/02/2016